LBMA have today announced the publication of daily trading data for gold and silver from April 10th, 2019 via their LBMA-i online service. The LBMA-i reporting service is provided and managed by Simplitium using daily market data reported electronically by LBMA members.

Originally launched as a weekly report in November 2018, LBMA-i will now enable clients, traders, brokers, investors and researchers to subscribe and download daily LBMA data on trade volumes in precious metals, broken down by date and sub-asset classes, such as options and forwards.

The current offering of weekly aggregate trading volumes by metal will remain available on a free-to-view basis.

An additional four new data sets will be introduced during the second quarter of 2019 (also requiring a subscription):

  • In addition to the gold and silver data sets, LBMA-i will include platinum and palladium trading data covering spot trading, forwards, swaps, options and loan lease deposits. Initially, this new report will be published on a weekly basis.

  • The second data set will comprise price information on spot trades grouped into tranches. The Volume in Price Tranche (VIPT) will display reported trading volumes broken down into price ranges that pivot from the LBMA pm auction price of that day.

  • The third and fourth data sets relate to option trade volumes: one will display the options traded by strike range and time bucket, and the other will display all open trades or trades that have not yet matured.

Ruth Crowell, CEO of LBMA:
“Moving to more granular daily data and launching new options, price and PGM datasets provides market clients and participants with information never before available on the depth and size of the Global Precious Metals Market. It makes gold in particular, even more attractive for new investors looking for a safe haven asset."

John Yonker, CEO of Simplitium:
“Simplitium are proud to be LBMA’s trusted technology service provider delivering transparency tor the precious metals market. Through LBMA-i, investors and traders, both current and prospective, can now measure the liquidity of the gold and silver markets and make more informed long-term investment decisions. We look forward to expanding the coverage with platinum and palladium in the near future.“

The average daily value of global OTC gold trading is in the region of US$40bn per day. Including gold exchange traded and ETF products, the total average daily value is circa US$95-110bn. This would place gold in a relatively high position compared to other global asset classes, being slightly higher than the EU sovereign bond market of US$82bn.